you’ll combine world-class content with a digital learning platform to harness the power of achievement and turn learning into measureable performance.  With our collective decades of leadership experience and leadership development expertise, along with our focus on current thought leadership, you’ll have the foundation you need to lead your organization into the future through world class development. 

Develop leaders and build functional capabilities:

It doesn’t matter how many classroom trainings you hold or how much content you have. If people are not consuming your training content, you will be unable to develop leaders and build the functional capabilities that your business demands. ALG Digital collaborates with you to modernize your content, creating impactful bite-sized learning segments delivered in new media, such as Ted Talks, videos and more. And we’ll bring in additional pieces of content to support your learning goals. Self-paced content delivered in the media that today’s employees are accustomed to in their everyday lives results in improved engagement. Improved engagement means better results.

Deliver the interactive, collaborative experience your employees demand:

Integrating ALG Digital’s best-of-the-best in learning thought leadership and content with the Jubi achievement platform, you can deliver content in a collaborative learning network, learning group or learning community. This simulates what learners would have in a classroom but that enables them to learn virtually and on their schedule.  

Create a powerful, sustainable way for people to learn, that is measureable to show sustained behavior change:

The combination of superior content and modern, social learning creates lasting, inspired behavior change through positive feedback and peer encouragement. And Jubi’s unique learn-do-inspire platform makes it easy to enable large-scale, high-impact, quantifiable learning. 

Customize as needed:

We work with you to provide customized solutions based on a deep understanding of performance improvement, validation and implementation.  What’s more, we ensure that your content and approach are scalable, aligned with what your leadership qualities are as a culture, and ensure the desired behaviors stick. ALG Digital will help you build a multi-year strategy, develop a blended learning solution and help sequence all learning activities.

High-scale, high-impact results that create a ripple effect of positive behaviors within your organization while creating passionate brand advocates on the individual level. 


Laura Soscia

Laura is an expert in crafting creative and sustainable leader and team development solutions with measurable results. Drawing on her years of experience as a senior leader in Pfizer Inc.’s industry-leading training organization, Laura brings training best practices to real-life challenges, resulting in strategies and solutions that routinely bring results beyond clients’ expectations. With years of experience in change management, Laura excels at developing and implementing plans and strategies that withstand the test of today’s fast-paced marketplace.


Susan Hahn

Susan puts her diverse perspective and experience developed in the Fortune 50 environment to work for her ALG clients—whether they’re looking to enhance individual leader, team, or organizational performance. She draws on her extensive background in coaching and leadership development techniques to create solutions that add to her clients’ bottom line.